Our Vision:

The African and African American Infusion Curriculum enables students to learn about the origins, the wealth of contributions, and courage of men and women from Ancient Africa to the modern Diaspora in the Americas and other parts of the world. The historical works of Ancient Africa’s evolution and accomplishments that have laid the foundation of human development will be the core of the curriculum while addressing the origins of (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) “STEM” and its contributions into modern pedagogy.

Motivation: Every child we see that has a spark in their eyes about knowing their history makes me motivated. Every man or women sitting on a curb or standing by a sign wanting something to or begging for compassion, I know we can do better.   

Perseverance: Every teacher that said, “something needs to change.” Knowing I can do more, knowing that we have failed the students. Knowing the seed of education can be the path to a better life, drives me to do all I can to make a difference. Knowing is my resolve!  

Creativity: Examining how the past can be relevant to the present has provided insight to solutions on a simplest perspective. (feed the poor – plant trees – they feed themselves – sustainability - health)    

Impact: What if the knowledge of the countless contributions of Africans to our development inspires mutual respect is the missing piece that diminishes racial hate and brings us closer as humans?