Documentary (2018-2019)

Indigenous People Day- the journey of our success so the others can see truth and honesty in history. We believe it is time to right the many wrongs and give credit the many dismissed from of educational materials. This video documentary will provide a methodology for anyone to repeat the process in their town or city. We are working with Cincinnati State to bring this venture home. 

The Living Legends Project (2019-2020)

We are developing a video library of past Civil Rights leaders in our area to inform, inspire, and ignite the power of protest for change. We plan to open the search to national leaders forgotten by so many. I have seen young people angry about our educational shortcomings. They want change, they want accurate facts and data, but we have not served them well. The educational goldmine of our aging pioneers will lay the path of unification by revealing how they achieved so much. We believe this will let our elderly be great again and get some money for their time.  

Textbooks Development and Distribution (2019-2021)

We are working with professors from Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati to develop books that supplement the new curriculum from Kindergarten to 12th grade. Training material for students and teaching professionals are the core of our driving goals. We have a tentative agreement with Barnes & Noble for distribution and publication.


Indigenous People Day (August 2018)

The removal of Columbus Day is the non-profit’s goal. We have successfully persuaded our City council members to bring the proposal to a vote. We have the support of over half of the councilmen and women, as well as several city officials.

We have worked hard, and I am pleased to say in August, Indigenous People Day will replace Columbus Day.




Trees that Feed the Poor. (2019- …)

Our company wants to begin the planting of fruit trees throughout our urban areas. We believed free food that is healthy is a simple solution for children that miss meals or our homeless to maintain health and vitality throughout the year. Planting trees are a minimal task that will produce dividends that we believe will make an immediate and needed change. The program will cover the purchase and distribution of over 15 different varieties of fruit and nut trees throughout areas designated as food deserts. Our projected planting periods will be 20 trees per year for the next five years. All fruit too high to reach will be picked and placed in a basket under the tree for anyone to enjoy. We will need a permit from the city.